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: >  I hope someone can help!  We silanise one plate of the sequencing apparatus 
: >  with sigmacote and it's ben working well.  We now seem to have what
: appears to 
: >  be a build-up of silane on this plate and the gel seems to be sticking to it.
: >  We use decon as the detergent to clean the apparatus and use sigmacote 
: >  everytime we pour a gel.  Is this problem silane or something else?  If
: it is 
: >  silane, can anyone suggest a better detergent than decon? Is it
: possible that 
: >  we're using the sigmacote TOO OFTEN??!!
: >  Thanks in advance,
: >  
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This is kinda off base, but I noticed you are using a sigmacote.  The 
product is probaby very good (I've never used it personally), but you 
could achieve the same result by using a product called "rain-x" or 
something of the equivalent that acts as a water repellent, which could be 
purchased at any auto supply 
store, at a fraction of the cost.  Just follow the direction on the 
bottle, and you could be saving lots of $$$.
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