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Mon Nov 27 12:04:52 EST 1995

>   william at (William Sun) writes:
>  Hello,
>  I am interested in using differential display PCR as a technique to see
>  differential RNA expression in brain tissue.  I need some recommendations
>  for a kit that is reliable and not too expensive.  Please reply if you
>  have any suggestions.  Thanks.
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>  William Sun, Ph.D.                      Phone: (213)740-3406
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>  University of Southern California       Pager: (310)499-8670
We use the Display Systems Biotech kit for differential display PCR, and it is quite good. They have an office in Los Angeles; phone 
213-656-0894 or 800-697-1111.  I am aware of locations where one day workshops are conducted using their system, and would be 
happy to forward them to anyone reading this response.  Contact us by e-mail:   workshop at or by telephone at 
410-730-3984.  Good luck!


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