MUltiple sequence Alignment Software

Martin Stein stone at
Mon Nov 27 16:28:10 EST 1995

Jean-Manuel Henry wrote:
>I am trying to do shading of multiple sequences to indicate homology.  I
>have experimented with boxshade and seqview.  Does anyone know of other
>program which will accept a gcg msf or other multiple sequence file and
>indicate homologouse regions?  A commercial package would be alright.
>Thanks for your help.

I know a freeware software package which allows the
Multiple sequence alignment.

The program is: MACAW
Multiple Alignment Construction & Analysis Workbench

MACAW is a program for locating, analyzing, and editing blocks of localized 
sequence similarity among multiple seqences and linking them into a 
composite multiple alignment.


The program is available for the Macintosh and several flavors of 
Microsoft Windows.  All of them may be downloaded from NCBI's anonymous
FTP server  Each version is stored in a seperate

Hope this helps
Martin Stein

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