Agarose-DNA purification

Tim Barnett T.Barnett at
Wed Nov 29 09:17:50 EST 1995

In article <48vagp$7pk at>, Tim Angelotti
<102055.606 at> wrote:

> I have heard about microcentrifuge spin columns that can be used to
purify DNA from agarose 
> gels.  These are not based on DNA binding matrix in the spin-column but
are merely a rapid spin 
> that drives the gel solution and DNA out of the matrix.  Does anyone
know who sells these or 
> how to make your own?  

I read in a recent issue of Biotechniques (1994 or 1995) about the use of
filtered pipette tips as spin columns.  The authors claimed 50% recovery
although I haven't tried it.



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