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>>> We are using a yeast two-hybrid system and would like to PCR the
>>positive yeast
>>> clones. I am told the yeast cell wall is diffcult to break open. Is there a
>>> yeast PCR prcedure or does anyone have advise for doing PCR with yeast? Thanks
>>> DPSMITH internet:smith_dennis_p at
>>Filamentous fungi cell wall is hard to break (Ha!). Yeast is a dolly. What
>>we do for PCR in yeast is to use rapid plasmid DNA release protocol
>>(available in CPMB and white book - let me know if you can't find it) with
>>glass beads. Entire procedure takes about 30-45 min and lives you with
>>PCR-ready DNA. 
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>Look in the November isuue if Biotechniques.  There is a simple method that 
>does not involve plasmid isolation prior to PCR.

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I've PCR'ed genomic targets from S. pombe and S. cerevisiae by the
simple expedient of picking a small amount of cells from a colony and
twirling it in the PCR reaction mix.  I can't imagine it wouldn't work
from plasmids in yeast as well.

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