Phosphorimager vs. Film

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On 30 Nov 1995, Eric C. Anderson wrote:
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> > Does anyone have a reliable figure for how sensitive a phosphorimager
> > screen is vs standard X ray film?  I seem to remember that manufacturers
> > claim 20X greater sensitivity then film but in my experience this figure
> > seems inflated.
> it depends on the phosphorimager.  i don't know the figures for the Fujix
> BAS1000 since i only recently started using it, but the Molecular Dynamics
> one claimed about 10:1.  we did our own guesstimates that said it was more
> like 5-6 times faster.  the best thing about a phosphorimager besides the
> time savings though is the ease of quantitation compared with either
> scanning a film or using a densitometer.
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I have found similar time scale differences (about 5 times faster) with
that machine.


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