Differential Display

Shahram Mori smori at nmsu.edu
Wed Nov 29 21:39:34 EST 1995

@ wrote:
: I have been doing differential display reactions and get good gels and can
: even amplify the bands out of the gel , But when I do northerns with these
: reamplified bands there isn't any signal at all on the blots. I know my
: RNA is fine and the transfer is fine too. Can't figure out what the
: problem is. 
: Any help would be really appreciated.
: Thanks,
: Aardraa Potnis
: apotnis at aim.salk.edu

This is what's been ruining my life for a year and a half. I get the 
exact same thing. *they* say that Northerns blots are not a good thing.
Some people say to clone and sequence first (because you might be looking 
at a lot more than one sequence) and then do northerns.
Others say do RPA's first....... BUT I don't see why northerns don't

p.s. I will bet that this method is MAINLY luck and has nothing to do with
consistent protocols.
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