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Wed Nov 29 18:33:07 EST 1995

In article <49g19c$184g at pulp.ucs.ualberta.ca> msingh at gpu4.srv.ualberta.ca (Madhu Singh) writes:
>Recently someone had asked about a isopropanol using container to freeze 
>cultured cells.  The company which supplies this container is Nalgene, 
>and the container is called "Cryo 1C Freezing Container" (cat # 5100-0001).
>Hope you find this information useful.

I had an inexpensive method for slow freezing cells in DMSO.  I placed 
the cryo-vials in the holes of a foam 15-ml centrifuge tube rack (e.g. 
orange rack) and covered with a second rack.  Wrap the whole thing in a 
plastic bag and put into the -70 freezer overnight.

The next day, put the frozen cells in the liquid nitrogen.

This method worked for me quite well, and I never noticed a significant 
loss of viability over other slow freezing methods (e.g. elevators in the 
Dewar or programmed freezers).

Daniel Kim

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