source: inexpensive powder-free latex gloves?

H. A. S. Pollack hasoar at
Thu Nov 30 23:36:44 EST 1995

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(Judy Leatherman) wrote:

> jzhang at wrote:
> : Hi,
> : Can anyone suggest a source for inexpensive powder-free latex gloves?
> : (less than $5.50 per box of 100 if that's possible)
> Microflex has great powder-free gloves--very comfortable and well 
> fitting and strong.  They're $69.50 for a case of ten boxes of the MF-300 
> ones.  Microflex's number is 800-876-6866.
> Judy

Also try United Laboratory Plastics in St. Louis.  I'm at home so I don't
have the number.
I like them because they seem able to endure my abuse more than others.  I
don't think they 
are under $5.50 a box, unfortunately, but they are competitively priced.


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