Long PCR Questions

Harry Nickla hnickla at creighton.edu
Mon Oct 2 09:55:21 EST 1995

	Our research group purchased the TaqExtender PCR additive from
Stratagene.  We are attempting to do long PCR with it.  Our hope is to
be able to amplify up to 30-35 kb.  However, our first trial was unsuccessful
and we attribute this to not having an adequate recipe.  We are uncertain as
to the concentration of primer and amount of dNTP to add.  We would 
appreciate any assistance we could get in developing a recipe to perform
this long PCR.  Additionally, we also wondered if anyone has tried using the
TaqExtender and what successes/failures they have encountered.  Furthermore,
we were also wondering about the possibility of using the TaqExtender 
additive with Amresco's Thermalase Tbr instead of Taq.

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