ethidium bromide alternative?

Mon Oct 2 12:56:16 EST 1995

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>awam at wrote:
>> Hi
>> I have an extreme adversion to Ethidium Bromide and want a highly
>> sensitive method for stining DNA in agarose gels.  I have recently tried
>> using Cresyl blue as a stain following the protocol of Santillan-Torres and
>> Ponce-Noyola published in TIG ( Feb 93, vol.9 no.2 ) and while I got
>> visible bands it also produced a very blue gel and therefore the 
>> background made the whole exercise a waste of time.  I would like to
>> hear from anyone who has a method which is simple, efficient and 
>> sensitive.  Thanks for any help offered.
>> Stuart Fraser
>> Dept. of Biochemistry
>> University of Hong Kong
>Try SybrGreeen II from Molecular Probes.
>Assumed to be 20x more sensitive, less mutagenic, blabla bla...
>The truth is:
>More expensive, less stable, causes background and sometimes 
>distorsion of bands.
>But you might still give it a try,..
>Good luck !

Hi ! 
It's not SYBRGREEN II -  it's SYBRGREEN I you should use.

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