ethidium bromide alternative?

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: I have an extreme adversion to Ethidium Bromide ... <snip>

With the risk of starting the whole EtBr war over again, dare I ask why?

Ethidium Bromide (AKA Homidium Bromide) is used as an anti trypanosome
agent in veterinary medicine. It is described in the Merck Index (9th
ed., 1976) as being "bitter tasting dark red crystals". Its not as though
its never been used in mammals. Yet I have been unable to find any reports
of carcinogenic effects in mammals (just mutagenic in bacteria). Have I
missed something?  Do you think other intercalating dyes would be safer?

Wear gloves. Don't experimentally verify that bitter taste. Filter your
liquid waste through activated charcoal. Chill out.  B^)

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