Which exonuclease can cut a 5' overhang?

Laurentiu COCEA cocea at citi2.fr
Mon Oct 2 11:18:16 EST 1995

Hi- I have an XbaI 5' overhang and I have tried to digest it with 
Mung Bean Nuclease under normal conditions (NEB). Apparently, the 
ligation to a blunt fragment I attempted afterwards did not work.
I suppose the next thing to do is try to use S1 nuclease instead of 
MBNase. But before I try it, I would greatly appreciate any suggestion
on how I can blunt a 5' or 3' overhang without filling the recessed
strand (in the former case) with nucleotides; that is, by a exonuclease
treatment. Thank you very much for your help.

Laurentiu COCEA
MD., PhD. student
INSERM U373, Institut Necker, Paris
Tel. (33 1) 40 61 53 84
Fax. (33 1) 40 61 55 90
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