Removal of glycogen from DNA

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Mon Oct 2 10:40:34 EST 1995

J Ross (jrj at wrote:
: We need to remove large quantities of glycogen from high molecular weight DNA. 
:  The DNA molecular weight must remain high, and we have approximately equal 
: masses of DNA and glycogen.  We have tried ion exchange with DEAE sephacel and 
:  digestion with amylase.  Neither has worked well.  Any suggestions for 
: low-shear techniques for glycogen removal would be greatly appreciated.
: Please reply by post or by email to jrj at

How about glass adsorption ("GeneClean")? It should remove the glycogen. If 
you're worried about shearing your DNA, I believe there are spin columns 
based on this method that should be kinder to big molecules. (I think 
Bio101 sells 'em, though I've never used the columns myself. No 
affiliation, stock options, etc.)

Or PEG precipitation? Or acid extraction of the DNA into the phenol 
phase? (This is commonly used to separate RNA from DNA). Or (gasp!) CsCL 
banding? Or surely there are enzymes that eat glycogen...

Please let us know what works. Inquiring minds wanna know.

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