Cre-lox etc...

Przemko przemko
Tue Oct 3 08:29:01 EST 1995

I am about to knock some genes and I will use (or try to) Cre-lox system. I
have done some reading etc. but I have a few questions that I hope someone
could help me with:
-what is the min and max distance between the lox sites for Cre to work
-how about efficiency in nondividing cells, since you presumably need at least
mitotic division for a recombination to take place?
-in one of the constructs by Sauer there is a transcriptional STOP cassette
used, any reasons for the SV40 polyA signal?
-what are the biggest, PRACTICAL, limitations of that procedure (like criptic
lox sites in the chromosomes etc.)

Thank you all for your answers. You might be better off to mail it to me,
instead of posting. I WILL summarize and post replies.
ThanX again

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