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Tue Oct 3 09:23:17 EST 1995

On Mon, 2 Oct 1995, Joe Stains wrote:

> Is it possible to make a 10X stock of tris-buffred saline?  We use a ton
> of it in our lab every week, and I'm tired of making it up every week.
> We use it at a pH of 7.2 or 7.4.  Does anyone out there ever use a 10X
> stock of TBS or know if it is possible????  If so, does it still need to
> be pH adjusted everytime, or will it remain at the appropriatre pH???
> Please e-mail me personally at jps144 at psuvm.psu.edu.  Thanks!!!
> Joe Stains Penn State University
Hey Joe,

here is the answer:

20x TBS:

 500 mM Trizma-base (Tris) (60.57g/l)
2740 mM NaCl      (160.13 g/l)
 100 mM KCl       (7.456 g/l)
  14 mM CaCl2     (1.96 g/l)
  10 mM MgCl2     (2.033 g/l)

ajust to pH: 7.4, autoclave

prepare 0.5M NaHPO4 ; do not autoclave

1x TBS:

add 1.2 ml 0.5M NaHPO4, 50ml 20x TBS, fill up to 1l with steril water

I hope that helps

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