Sma I digestion of genomic DNA

Shin Enomoto shin at
Tue Oct 3 10:26:57 EST 1995

: In article <jburger.4.003BC065 at> jburger at (Johan Burger) writes:

:    Dear BioNetters

:    Does anyone have any experience with the digestion of plant genomic DNA using 
:    the blunt cutter Sma I?   I cannot get it to cut genomic plant DNA, even if 

Plant DNA is very often extensively methylated at CpG sequences.  Do you 
know if the Sma sites in question is methylated or not.  The total DNA is 
not going to look like it cut much after digesting with sma1 alone at 
least for maize.  If you are not sure do a double digest with a 
methylation insensitive enzyme and check to see if you get cutting on the 

good luck.

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