Pharmacia C Columns

Hugh Goldie goldie at
Thu Oct 5 14:25:41 EST 1995

I need to order several small columns (c.a. 30 x 2.5 cm) for low pressure
chromatography of proteins.  No special solvesnts or corrosive buffers are
involved.  I used to use Pharmacia K columns, which are no longer available.  Has anyone tried the new inexpensive C columns and/or the more expensive XK 
columns?  I would like to know how reliable the C columns are and whether I 
need to buy the more expensive XK columns.

Please send e-mail.  I prefer not to discuss the merits of commercial 
products on this news group.

I would also prefer not to try other brands of column at present.  Please 
limit suggestions to XK and C coumns.  Thank you for your help.

Hughes Goldie, University of Saskatchewan
goldie at

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