Mol Biologists, do any of you use precast gels?

Anton Hutticher huttich at
Thu Oct 5 13:05:32 EST 1995

mjfath at (Michael J. Fath) wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anyone here uses precast gels for PAGE 
> or even for agarose gels.  


We compared NOVEX precast PAGE gels with our gels. The 
resolution was quite good but not as good as our own specially
crafted gradient gels. However, they were very easy to setup 
and use. Several people switched to NOVEX, other stayed with 
their own gels. If you do PAGE only sporadically, precasts are
probably a good solution.
Take care if you want to do western blots with precasts. Those
from NOVEX we used could not stand the blotting conditions we 
used ( 1 l  MeOH, 4,1 g NaHCO3, 1,6 g Na2CO3 ), 40 V, 3 h on
Biorad Mini. They fragmented during the run and the fragments
were very hard to peel off the nitrocellulose. We have not tested
them under any other conditions! Maybe you find blotting conditions
which work for them, but test them beforehand!

Anton Hutticher
(huttich at
(Uni Salzburg / Austria)     

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