Baculo plaque test ?

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Thu Oct 5 14:46:03 EST 1995

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> I«ve problems to obtain plaques with baculo wild type virus (AcPNV) or baculo
> gold recombinants. I use Sf9 cells and agar plaque agarose. Does anyone have
> suggestions?
> Burkhard Hassel (bhassel at

Dear Burkhard,

   Unfortunately there are quite a few things that can go wrong with the
assay.  You would really need to describe a bit more your symptoms to
hazard a guess.  I find it useful to have a beta-gal expressing virus as
the positive control, then stain with X-gal to make sure the infection
works and plaques are the proper size.

Cliff Beall
Ohio State U.
beall.3 at

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