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Sarah Tamara Braun brauns at rpi.edu
Thu Oct 5 07:09:16 EST 1995

In Article <450tqd$47k6 at ns2-1.CC.Lehigh.EDU>, sm0j at Lehigh.EDU wrote:
>We are having a bit of trouble with our Boehringer-Mannheim DNA sequencing kit.
>We have called the technical services for the company several times, but have
>not been able to solve our problems.  What we would like to know is -- Who out
>there is using this method?  and -- Would anyone be available to help us
>trouble-shoot?  We haven't been able to get the control DNA (puc18) from the
>kit to give us adequate sequencing data, so we're not even attempting to
>sequence our experimental DNA yet.  I thought I'd post this to give the Genius
>system one last chance before we gave up on it completely...
>    Any help will be GREATLY appreciated.

Switch kits maybe?

We do a great deal of sequencing in my lab and we use the
USB sequenase kit.

It is a little on the pricy side (but what sequencing kit isn't)

We get some really great results with this kit.  Althought, you 
sometimes need to expose for two or three days instead of one...


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