CNBR Digestion on SDS-PAGE gels Slices??

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Thu Oct 5 13:10:25 EST 1995

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>Does anyone out there know of any methods for doing a CNBr
>digestion directly on an SDS-PAGE gel slice??.>thanks.>Dan

I realize this is going to sound like a shameless plug, but I did it
in one of my papers, and you could get the reference I used from it. 
Basically you soak the gel slice in an excess volume of 20 mg/ml
CNBr in 70% formic acid, overnight at room temp in the dark; then
collect the liquid and lyophilize it; dissolve the dried protein 
in water and lyophilize again (to get rid of trace CNBr and Formic Acid).

The paper is Thatcher,TH and Gorovsky, MA.  
Experimental Cell Research.  209(2):261-70, 1993 Dec.

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