Anybody getting unsolicited e-mail?

K.G. Korth kkorth at
Thu Oct 5 15:19:05 EST 1995

Sprankle at (Cathy Sprankle) wrote:
>This past Monday, I got to work, checked my e-mail and was surprised and
>disturbed to find a long message full of racist opinions.  This message
>was not directed to me personally, so I guess I got on someone's mailing
>list.  I deleted the thing in disgust before I thought to check the path;
>I'm fairly new to this Internet stuff.  As this is one of two newsgroups I
>post to, I was wondering if anyone else in this group had gotten a similar
>message.  Does this happen often?  Thanks>

I also got that message on Monday.  Very disturbing and very upsetting.  
I have never had a stomach for pseudo-intellectual racists (any racists, 
really).  I too only read the first couple of paragraphs and quickly 
trashed it to cyberbits.  Like you, I only post to this group and one 
other (

As far as happening often?... I have only had internet access for about a 
year now, and this is the first one I've received. (I hope it's the 

I'm not sure how they could have gotten my E-mail address from the 
newsgroup though. I get my newsgroups off of a company server through 
Netscape, and not through my E-mail.  The only time my E-mail address is 
every listed is when I post myself, (which isn't really that often.)

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