Freezer Down - Is Taq still good?

Jody K. Hirsh jkh141 at
Mon Oct 9 13:07:36 EST 1995

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>Our enzyme freezer went down over the weekend - even the coolers were 
at room temp.  The most expensive thing we need to replace is Taq DNA
>polymerase, but we're thinking it is probably still good, inasmuch as it
>survives at 95C.  Does anybody else have experience in using Taq that 
was at room temperature for a couple of days? 

TAQ should be stable, it can be shipped at ambient temperature by P-E. It 
is sterile until it's opened.  Once opened, freezing is recommended in order 
to keep anything from growing in it. If in doubt, I suggest only keeping the 
tubes that have not yet been opened and running a control reaction when 
they are first used. 

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Northwestern University, Chicago, IL.   USA
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