Qiagen buffers

M. Alexeyev malexeyev at biost1.thi.tmc.edu
Tue Oct 10 10:32:35 EST 1995

In article <44qap0$3rh at nuscc.nus.sg>, mcbngp at leonis.nus.sg (Ng Wei Pern
Patrick) wrote:

> Hi, I was wondering if anyone knows the composition of Qiagen's buffers, 
> specifically PB and PE? Or perhaps a useable alternative? We've run out 
> of buffers and feel that paying more than 100 dollars just for the buffer 
> alone is unjustifiable. Any suggestions would be very much appreciated.
We have had a similar problem lately, so we called Qiagen and were given
the following recepie for PE substitute:
10 mM tris-HCl pH7.5
100 mM NaCl
 70% EtOH
In my opinion, yields became lower. Others in a lab claim excellent yields. 
As for PB, to my knowledge it is not absolutely required (see protocol).

Good luck,

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