Automation of ABI fluorescent sequencing on a biomek robot

Hamish Scott hscott at
Wed Oct 11 11:08:53 EST 1995

Hi all, We have an ABI sequencer and a biomek 2000 workstation. We
should easily be able to make the biomek robot set up the sequencing
reactions for the ABI in perkin-elmer 9600 try format. With the new
FS kit it will now be possible to aviod phenol extractions after
the sequencing reactions but it is still necessary to do an ethanol
precipitation. What we are looking for is a fast and efficient way of 
removing the unicorporated dyes while still in the 9600 format. 
Anyone have any ideas or  protocols in detail?
Magnetic beads? vacuum through siliconized glass filters? Can we 
still use the robot at this stage somehow? any ideas appreciated. 
Ta muchly
Hamish Scott
Division of Medical Genetics
University of Geneva

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