Pre-filter recommendations?

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Wed Oct 11 07:27:57 EST 1995

We're making GST-fusion proteins from E.coli.  Part of our process includes 
clarifying the bug lysate through a 0.22um filter.  The solution is pretty 
gungy, and things would flow better if we prefiltered.  Does anyone have 
suggestions for pre-filter pore size/model number?  

Richard P. Grant MA DPhil      rpgrant at
Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, University of Oxford.

	If you've got small sample volumes then you can opt for prefilters 
(eg  Milipore do a range of glass fibre prefilters) designed to fit reusable filter units.  
However, we have found that although subsequent filtration with 0.45um filters is 
improved you still go through a lot of filters. 
	For large tissue homogenates we have switched to a tangential flow 
device produced by Filtron (Mini-ultrasette, sold by Flowgen in the UK) for 
processing over 1L of centrifuged homogenate.  These units don't come cheap but are 

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