non-isotopic Differential display/RAP-PCR?

Wed Oct 11 06:34:50 EST 1995

Dear MolBiologists,
   Has anyone had any experience using non-isotopic methods for
either differential display or RNA-Aribitrarily-Primed PCR?
Our lab is going to use RAP-PCR for differential gene
expression, but we would like to avoid using 35-S, (which I've
read contaminates thermocyclers), and 32-P.
   The alternatives that look most promising are (1) DIG-labeled
dUTP for use in the PCR  (would I have to run the products on
agarose gels and blot to do the chemiluminescent detection?);
(2) silver-staining of the products on a sequencing gel.
If anyone has any advice/warnings/better ideas, I'd be very
grateful. (Please reply directly to me, since I don't get to
read this newsgroup regularly).
Many thanks, Gareth Pearson.

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