Mutator strains of E. coli

David de Graaf BMGraaf at
Wed Oct 11 15:30:36 EST 1995

In article <4566c5$chu at> R Daines, rdaines at
>Looking for someone with experience with mutator strains of E. coli (ex. 
>Statagene cat# 2000129) to give me an idea of how well they work and with
>what frequence mutations are seen.
>Thanks in advance.
>Richard Daines

I used a MutD5 strain, described in the literature, becaue it does not
have as
may frameshists as the stratagene clone. I obtained about 1 mutation
every 800
bp after overnight culture. COnditions were a little tricky to set up,
but it
got me my PhD ;-)


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