Freezer Down - Is Taq still good?

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Wed Oct 11 04:00:50 EST 1995

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> Our freezer did not went down, but we were all not very carefull with
> the Taq, just took it out for half an hour on ice etc. At a certain 
moment my
> PCR (for sequencing) wouldn't work anymore so I started searching
> for new concentrations for all the ingredients except the Taq, 'cause
> that still worked in a RAPD-PCR of somebody else in the lab. It took me
> two months to come to the conclusion that the Taq was really bad, 
> and indeed with new Taq everything was back to normal; so
> the only advice I can give is try the old Taq once and if anything goes
> wrong buy new immediately. It's really sensitive.
> succes

I can only assume you bought a v. suspect enzyme. I once took some Taq and 
left aliqouts at RT for 6 months. I placed aliqouts back in a frezzer after 
1 day, 2days, 4 days etc all the way to six months. They were then 
all tested for PCR. No difference was found between brand new enzyme and 
those that had been left out, including the six month sample.

My mind's made up. Don't confuse me with the facts!

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