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>>dear bionet-folk:
>>in the past, i have stored dried, unprobed northerns at -20oC in Saran
>>Wrap or Seal-a-meal bags.  they worked fine after as long as 6 months (the
>>longest i ever tried) or storing them.  but these were blots using yeast,
>>C. elegans or mouse RNA, not exactly precious and easily re-made if
>I have stored dry Northern blots in a drawer at room temp for several years
>with no problems. I don't think it's necessary to store them at -20C.
>I do keep them between sheets of filter paper just to keep them clean.
>    Tracy

Hi Tracy,

I have used northern for several years (2-4) with similar experiance just 
by storing them dried and clean in a drawer even with probed northerns.


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