6-His Ab/accessing archives

Linda Bergelson xenopore at gbn.net
Thu Oct 12 00:28:31 EST 1995

> There was a discussion recently about antibodies against the 6-His
> tag. As I recall it was reported that there's at least one 
> commercially available but it's unclear whether it recognizes
> the 6-H or surrounding sequence. Could someone please update me on
> the conclusions of this discussion and provide the name(s) of the
> source(s) or tell me how to access this group's archives?
> Many thanks.

Sorry I can't help you find the information about antibodies against
the 6-His tag.  However, if you want to develop an ELISA assay for
a 6-His tagged protein or peptide you can bind the his-tag to the 
 Xenopore Nickel Chelate microwell plate. The nickel chelate has
 specific affinity for the his-tag. You can contact Xenopore Corp.
 at xenopore at gbn.net or 1-800-356-6296. 

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