plasmid multimers?

"Marianne Leverone ", BIO leverone at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU
Thu Oct 12 09:10:44 EST 1995

Hanbol Kim:  Plasmid multimers are produced in a RecA+ host so use a 
RecA- host.  If you still see multimers after restriction digestion, your 
digestion is not complete; add more enzyme and incubate and see if that 
eliminates the problem.  Marianne Leverone, Univ. of South Florida, 
Tampa, FL

On 12 Oct 1995, Hanbok Kim wrote:

> After I moved to a different research place, one 
> phenomenon bothers me. Intact plasmids before 
> cutting with restriction enzymes are located in
> a 20 kb position, although its real size is 2.9 kb.
> It is pUC18. After cutting, the plasmid is seen at 
> the right position. However a complete digestion is
> hard, and some mutimers (?) still remain in upper
> position. How can I prevent plasmid multimer?
> I would appreciate your advices.
> Han,
> hbkim at

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