Non-isotopic probe labeling kits

Lauryl Maiya J Nutter lmjnutte at
Thu Oct 12 14:29:26 EST 1995

Bridgette Berryhill ", BIO (berryhil at CHUMA.CAS.USF.EDU) wrote:

: I am in the process of choosing a non-isotopic labeling kit with which to 
: label a probe for library screening purposes.  I am considering the 
: Rad-Free system from Schleicher and Schuell.  Has anyone out there used 
: this kit and found success with it?  If anyone has opinions on this and 
: other systems, whether good or bad, please share these as I am new to 
: this procedure and can use the advice.  Thanks in advance!

: Bridgette L. Berryhill
: University of South Florida
: Tampa, FL


I have had tremendous success with BM DIG DNA labelling kit
(although, unless they offer you an intro. deal as they did me,
buying only the components you need separately is ALOT cheaper).
I have done both colony screening and Southerns with it.

Good luck.

Lauryl Nutter
University of Calgary
lmjnutte at

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