Q: Southern Hyb times

vertino_bell at cber.cber.fda.gov vertino_bell at cber.cber.fda.gov
Thu Oct 12 16:20:48 EST 1995

scalzod at fred.fhcrc.org wrote:

> Hi,
>     I am wondering about the hybridization time for probing southern
blots.  I 
> read times ranging from 6hrs to O/N.  What factors move the hyb time to 6 
> hours? Or less? I've heard rumour of rapid hybridization, but haven't been 
> able to confirm it.  

FWIW, I recently used Stratagene's QuickHyb 5 mL, 6*10e7cpm of a 300 bp
probe (sp.act. not known), 10 ug (mammalian) genomic DNA per lane on the
blot, 30 min. pre-hyb, one hour hyb. 30-60 min. washing, and got a great
signal after O/N exposure to film.

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