Cloning vector(s) without ApaLI site(s)

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> Can anyone suggest a cloning vector that does not have an ApaLI restriction 
> site (GTGCAC)?  I know that the vectors with colEI replication origin or 
> ampicillin resistance marker are unsuitable, because these sequences contain 
> ApaLI sites.  I need to clone and manipulate a cDNA at its ApaLI site.  Any 
> help would be appreciated.  Thanks in advance.

You may try vectors of pSU series:

AUTHORS   Bartolome,B., Jubete,Y., Martinez,E. and de la Cruz,F.
  TITLE     Construction and properties of a family of pACYC184-derived cloning
            vectors compatible with pBR322 and its derivatives
  JOURNAL   Gene 102 (1), 75-78 (1991)


M. Alexeyev

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