Aaarrgh -70 at +4C NIGHTMARE!!!!

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Fri Oct 13 14:41:54 EST 1995

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>Somehow one of our -70 freezer has got up to +4 (switched off and alarm
>muted - *&(n knows why)
>Could any other unfortunates out there who have been through this tell me
>how much damage this will do to the following:-
>mouse cell lines in 10% DMSO serum supplemented DMEM

Dead.  DMSO is pretty toxic, and getting viable cells from a thawing
requires rapid thawing and washing out the DMSO before starting culture.

>chemical/electrocompetent bacteria

Dead.  Or more to the point, a lot of the competence will be lost even if
the cells are still viable.

>lambda packaging extract (MaxPlax)

Dead.  Packaging extracts are notoriously temperature sensitive.  Efficiency
will probably be terrible, but why not tast one to see what the loss really is.

>glycerol stocks of bacterial strains

Maybe some alive, but streak and refreeze fresh stocks

>RNA in DEPC dH20

Probably OK.

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