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In article <45hp97$9u6 at>, osadjan at (Mark Darrin Osadjan) says:
>Help!  I am attempting to restriction map a relatively large number
>of recombinant lambda phage DNAs.  Has anyone come across a good
>software package(s) to handle the analysis end of such a project?
>I have been trying to do this manually and find it difficult (or
>impossible) to reliably consider all the possibilities without
>losing my mind.  Any hints or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.
>Post here or e-mail to osadjan at

If you have enough time it could be interesting:
We are offering a primer design program which already perform task like 
finding repeats and unique sequences. Till begin of next month we think 
that we could add a feature of finding of restriction sites as well as for
primer design and for any sequence.
It is shareware and realy inexpensive.

Try this URL:

If you have suggestion what you expect tell us, too.


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