Composition of M9 media.

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> Hi netters,
 >I would be grateful for some information regarding minimal medium. 
 >1) Can anyone provide me with a recipe for Minimal Media that worked fine
 >for them???
 >2) How long is one expected to wait to observe growth??
Hello there,
As for your first question, the recipe in Maniatis is ok, but did you give 
your bug everything it needs to grow?  What carbon source, glucose or 
glycerol.  Did you supplement with Thiamin (Vitamin B1)? I don't have the 
genotype of XL-1 handy, but XL-1 Blue has a thi-1 allele, with a 
requirement for thiamin.  If you didn't add this, then I would say that it 
may be your problem.  We use 1 ml of a 1% stock per liter of media, added 
after autoclaving.  Apologies if you have already ruled this out.  

As for time to see growth, that depends upon how happy the bugs are, how 
much you innoculate with, and how well supplemented the media is.  But, you
should be able to notice an increase in turbidity by 4 to 5 hours after 

Good Luck, 
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