Composition of M9 media.

sl3wx at sl3wx at
Wed Oct 11 13:42:27 EST 1995

Hi netters,
I would be grateful for some information regarding minimal medium. 
I am trying to express a protease via E.coli XL-1 . The bug grows very 
slowly in LB media (the expression vector is pIN-III-ompA 2 ) and I can 
see a band on a Cooomassie Blue gel at a position corresponding to the 
pure enzyme. However the expression level is not very high and I suspect
the promoter may be leaky. I tried M9 media (according to Maniatis) but 
after innoculation of a colony into 5ml media the flask shows no turbidity
even after 24 hrs. 
My questions are
1) Can anyone provide me with a recipe for Minimal Media that worked fine
for them???
2) How long is one expected to wait to observe growth??
 Look forward to assistance.
Thanks in advance

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