ABI's Taq FS

Richard R. Hardy hardy at mighty.fccc.edu
Sat Oct 14 13:19:13 EST 1995

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(Jason Seto) wrote:

>Has anyone used the Taq FS from ABI and found they have not had to purify
>the sequenced product prior to electrophoresis on a 3373/377?
>Does the EtOH ppt step work, or do you lose the first few bases?
>or do people still use the spin columns to purify off the excess dyes,
>regardless of ABI's claims that you don't need this step with their new 

We have been getting good results with the new Taq FS kit from ABI; we
compared sequences from the old kit (w/spin column) to that with new kit
(EtOH ppt) and got equivalent or (in most cases) better sequences on an
ABI 377.
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