Jan Svensson Jan.Svensson at mikrob.slu.se
Sat Oct 14 06:47:15 EST 1995


I bought pcr primers to amplify cDNA and clone the fragments into an 
expression vector. When i sequence my clones i have seen a lot of errors
when i read over the pcr-primers. 1 primer has in one case 2 substitutions and 
in another 3 substitutions yet another primer has 2 substitutions. 
All the sequence observation obtained sofar shows that the sequence of the 
primers not are correct. This is something i never has observer earlier nor 
anyone else at the lab. Theese erroneus primers was bought by a company 
we havent used before. The company claims that this is very common ?
and seems to be recluctant to the idea that they have made bad primers.

Has anyone here had any similar problems or do u have any ideas please post 
answers to this group.

Jan S.

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