Air drier for DNA pellets?

David Micklem drm21 at
Sat Oct 14 12:40:33 EST 1995

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>Recently I saw an ad for an air drier for a device that used forced air
(from a 
>house air system?) to dry pellets in microtubes.  I can't remember the supplier
>or find the ad again.
>Does anyone know who supplies this item.  Also, can anyone comment on how it
>works.  I am interested in trying it because vacuum centrifugation often has
>difficulty in removing all traces of a 70% ethanol wash (in a reasonable
amount of

I'm very suprised by this - I usually find just a few minutes on the bench
under an anglepoise lamp is sufficient to dry my pellets.  Its especially
fast if you remove the ethanol, give a v. quick respin and suck off the
last little bit.

I'd be cagey of blowing 'house air' over my pellets - there's no telling
what kind of gunge is in the pipes :-).  I did used to suck air over
pellets (without actually touching the pellet) using a vacuum aspirator to
dry them more quickly - maybe that would work for you?



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