non-heat sterilization - suggestions?

S.K.Green S.K.Green at
Mon Oct 16 10:27:27 EST 1995

gstuart2 at sol.UVic.CA (Gregory Stuart) wrote:
>Hello. We use big plastic trays (25cm^2) for plating E. coli and lambda
>phage. They are rather expensive (circa $5 ea.), and we use a lot of them.
>I need a method of sterilizing them, after they have been cleaned, for
>reuse. They cannot be autoclaved. Does anyone have any brilliant (heck -
>any) suggestions! ...  :)

We also re-use these plates.  We find that soaking them in a dilute 
bleach solution, rinsing well with tap and then distilled water works 
well to clean them.  We then sterilise them by placing them under a UV 
light (eg. in a tissue culture hood) for 20 min.

Good luck

Sue Green

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