SSCP PAGE problems

Ayo Ola a.ola at
Mon Oct 16 11:15:24 EST 1995

I'm trying to screen some DNA samples for mutations using the SSCP 
method.  After running my  5% PAGE + 10% glycerol gel for 15hrs at room 
temp my gels have refused to stick onto the Whatman paper and every 
attempt to dry the gel ends up losing the gel. My gel is made up as ffws 
     16ml 50% glycerol
      8ml  50% Acrylamide Bis(49:1)
      4ml 10X TBE
      0.48ml 10% APS
      0.08ml TEMED
      51.44ml dH20
Running buffer used is 0.5% TBE.
I would be very grateful if anyone could help me out as I'm running 
Please mail replies, thank you.


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