Size-Fractionation of DNA

CK Wen cwen at
Mon Oct 16 13:49:16 EST 1995

colvin at wrote:
>Before subclonning ds DNA generated by PCR into a plasmid, I would like to 
>remove small DNA fragments.  The template used for PCR was a subtracted cDNA
>library, so there are many different sized fragments present.  One method
>that I am aware of is to use a sepharose CL-4B column.  Have others used this
>method with success?  Are there other methods that are simple, but still give
>good recovery?  Thank you.
>Bob Colvin, Dept. Biological Sciences, Ohio Univ. Athens, OH, USA
>colvin at
I am using Sephacryl 400HR which gives me a very good resolution and separation.
Good luck!


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