Resuspension of very dry RNA?

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Tue Oct 17 14:59:12 EST 1995

One should not speed-vac RNA to dry it.  Several washes with 70% ethanol (in DEPC-treated 
water) and a follow -up wash with 100%  ethanol will facilitate rapid air drying at 37 C without the 
need to pull a vacuum.  I generally invert the tubes to allow the ethanol to drain out.  Nucleic acid 
pellets which are SLIGHTLY damp with ethanol will redissolve favorably in aqueous solution.  If 
necessary, heating to 60 C for 15 minutes may help. 

Store the RNA as an ethanol precipitate until you are sure you will use it within 2-3 days, at which 
time it can be redissolved in sterile water, quantified, aliquoted and then stored at -80 C until ready 
to use.

RNA Methodologies: A Laboratory Guide for Isolation and Characterization.  1993. Academic Press. 
ISBN: 0-12-249700-7     

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