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>>Greeting to all netters,
>>We had just bought the qiagenestraction system and I was told by a fellow 
>>researcher in the next lab that there was a discussion on the re-using of 
>>Qiagen column in the net recently (which I missed). Can anyone out there 
>>please advice us on how to re-use the column or direct me to any access 
>>in these matter.
>Also, in the same vein, has anyone who recycles columns used the
>purified plasmid (from a recycled column) for sequencing?

There was indeed such a discussion. Christian at cve at ifm.mh-hannover.de let us 
knoe that he has been using the following protocol for regenearating Qiagen 
columns (DEAE on silica) without signs of cross-contamination:
1) push the column dry with the elution buffer
2) store in 70% EtOH
3) autoclave 
4) dry at 37 C
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