"Zap" entire cDNA library?

the End jgraham at bronze.ucs.indiana.edu
Tue Oct 17 11:22:46 EST 1995

Can anyone comment on the ability of excising an entire Bluescript
library from a Lambda ZapII cDNA library?

Preliminary experiments suggest that as many as 5 of 12 inserts 
inhibit either the "Zap" M13 packaging or are not as well propagated
in plasmids a in the Lambda vector.

Stratagene seems unable to grasp the distinction in the burden 
of maintaining a plamsid vs a recombinant Lambda. The Short 
reference describing Lambda Zap shows 12/12 excisions, yet the 
orginal Lamda sources were not mapped. Hard to beleive in light of 
my preliminary observations.

J. Graham

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