RNA and Protein from the same sample

William Alexander ALEXANDERW at cber.cber.fda.gov
Tue Oct 17 03:55:15 EST 1995

In Article <45tupe$sq4 at hippo.shef.ac.uk>, "S.K.Green" <S.K.Green at shef.ac.uk>
>Does anyone out there know of a method that allows you to prepare RNA and 
>Protein from the same sample.  We are hoping to analyse the RNA by 
>Northerns and the protein by Westerns.  
>Thanks for your help
>Sue Green
Try TRIzol reagent available from GIBCO BRL (no affiliation) and others
using different brand names.  This proceedure also allows for the isolation
of DNA (+ RNA + proteins) from the same sample.  This method works great and
is fast (3 hours, 1 hour for RNA)

See Chomczynski, Piotr.  "A Reagent foe the Single-Step Simultaneous
Isolation of RNA, DNA and Proteins from Cell and Tissue Samples" (1993)
BioTechniques Vol. 15, No. 3 pp. 532-536.  


Bill Alexander

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